Notes from For Love of the Table

Notes from For Love of the Table

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“ … I look so forward to your newsletter! I love how you provide seasonal recipes. ….One of the best things is it inspires me to cook more and the recipe quantities are perfect for our household. Thank you!”

Jan R

“Chef Paige-I am so impressed with this newsletter! Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge! … We are empty nesters and adjusting the way I cooked for years has been tough. You have definitely left me wanting more!! Thanks so much!”

Debbie V

“Wow! So much content in this letter! … I like the way you add variations...--that's helpful since I rarely change anything in your recipes since the flavors are so good together. Thank you, Paige!”

Jennifer V

“The newsletter is wonderful Paige. I am very inspired.”

Beverly A

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